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// All I can do now//

It’s killing me inside again. I just don’t show it to everyone. I like you but you like someone else. I said I already moved on but deep inside I still love you. I’m so stupid to fall inlove with my boy bestfriend. I just can’t accept the fact that I fall for you. You hurt me many times but I still forgive you. Here I am crying again every night, hoping that I can forget you easily. I wish I have amnesia so that I can’t remember you. This pain is killing me. I wish I have an especial power to delete bad memories especially you. Seeing you talking to her and laughing with her in corridors kills me inside. You don’t know how I feel, inside me its breaking my heart into pieces. I know I have no rights to complain because I’m just your friend who’s madly inlove with you. You love her and that’s all. I just have to accept the fact that you’re my bestfriend and I am your Girl besfriend and we are not compatible with each other. Just accepting the fact is all I can do now.

// December 20, 2013//

this day i realized that I’m Inlove with this guy. yiii hahaha. our Christmas party to be exact haha.

// J :)//

I can’t explain how much I love you :”>

// Not My day -.-//

pag ika nag hahagad pabor sinusunod ko, pag may problema yaon ako kinocomfort taka pero tano sako dai maibalik yan mga pabor nayan? ibahon sa pag mati promise. sana maisip mo!. hayst

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// Missing him //

go to school please? :(



Red || Lucky 13


Red || Lucky 13


the simple things are the most important ones!


the simple things are the most important ones!

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